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"Exploring the Final Mystery"

Death Preparation Workshops

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prepare to Die...A Text and Workbook
Sample Excerpts

You have a right to know that this writer is NOT religious, though 100% spiritual. All paths to God are respected and integrated into the whole. Earth is our Mother as sky is our Father and every inch of all that is, all that appears to be, and all that is not yet, is God. All that is hidden from our eyes but not our souls is God. All that is illusory, ephemeral and mysterious is God. Every being inspired by the life force is God. Every pebble, rock, planet and star is part of God, as is every blade of grass, grain of sand and speck of dirt.
It is this writer's belief that the fearful mind limits God, projects human frailties upon a notion of God and yet, given free will, continues to defile God through many, many lifetimes.
The great minds throughout the course of human history, including Jesus-the-Jew-the-Essene-Christian forebear, poets, politicians, philosophers and scientists alike, too numerous to mention, as well as most of the world's general population, have all known their soul's passages on Earth are repeated through millennia as they seek reunion with the Godhead, the Source. Anything less than total acceptance of the unfathomable potential of infinity, intelligence, and omniscient divinity -- the Unnamable -- is shortchanging us of far greater understanding, wisdom and, ultimately, Love.
This is the perspective from which this little book was conceived. Perhaps radical sounding, but actually just good old-fashioned mysticism. Nothing is left out of Heaven...not Earth, not angels, not forgiveness, not joy, not peace...all is One, all is God, all is holy, sacred and blessed.
Sister 2001
* * *
A Mantra Anecdote
This writer had the good fortune to witness this little miracle. At the time it happened, it was reported by a national news magazine.
On July 4, 1991, at a prayer and meditation circle in the Green Hills of Vermont attended by hundreds of folks from around the country, the Rainbow Family sat for hours under a cloudy sky. At noon, the closing mantra, "OM", resounded from the mountaintop and, as it faded, the clouds moved away from the sun. A full rainbow encircled the sun, fully surrounded the sun, to the joyful cries of the crowd below. Divine affirmation for the devout that their prayers for peace were heard!
* * *
A Cosmic Joke
What kind of God would allow you to suffer on Earth and then not give you peace after you died? No God would treat Its creations that way.
God gave us the great gift of free will. We choose to live in peace or at war, we choose pain over comfort and neutrality, we choose indulgence and depravity over moderation and grace, and every other choice we make for ourselves and others that doesn't serve Love, which God is, we are responsible for.
We create our Hell right here...while Heaven waits.
The joke is on us.
* * *
So Why Aren't We Laughing?
It is a cosmic joke that because of our fears....of loss of self, of the unknown (but really only temporarily forgotten), we deny ourselves the peace of mind and joy of heart that we would have if we only knew (or remembered) that the experience of Godding, whether in or out of the body, is one of pure Love, the highest good.
We cling so desperately to our suffering, our pain-filled, impoverished lives, because we forget how exquisite divine life is. We forget that our bodies are simply robes that we slip out of each night and into each morning. Our souls sparkle in the fabric of heaven...yet so often dim on Earth.
Live fearlessly...choose divine or out of the body, the Godforce in each of us is potentially infinite love. Imagine that...infinite Love!
It is up to us to sparkle!
* * *
A Prayer Anecdote
"Prayer Answered"
My boyfriend and I were going through our stuff in a Spring cleaning frenzy in '88 when we came across our baseball gloves and bat. We couldn't find the ball, though, so our hopes for a little fun were dashed. I remember saying out loud, "Gee, I wish we had a baseball". The little prayer was heard by an angel with a good sense of humor apparently because the very next day, while we were out for our walk, from out of the blue a baseball rolled down the side of the highway right in front of us! One of life's little blessings...we chuckled and thanked heaven for listening to the smallest of prayers.
* * *