Saturday, December 5, 2009

On Non-Dual Spirit

...Spirit goes out of itself to produce objective Nature, awakens to itself in subjective Mind, then recovers itself in pure non-dual Spirit, where subject and object are one pure act of non-dual consciousness that unifies both Nature and Mind in realized Spirit. Thus, Spirit knows itself objectively as Nature, knows itself subjectively as Mind; and knows itself absolutely as Spirit -- the Source, the Summit, the Ground, and the Process of the entire ordeal.

[Johann] Fichte...used to perform this interior experiment...
'Be aware of the wall. Now be aware of that which is aware of the wall. Now be aware of that which is aware of that which is aware of the wall.' '...this was a genuine...attempt to push back to the pure Witness, the absolute subjectivity that can never be seen as an object because it is the pure and formless Seer.' Begin to contact the absolute self by asking, 'Who am I?' or "What is it that is now aware?' This radical the source of the entire manifest world.
Ken Wilber
The Marriage of Sense and Soul
* * *

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