Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to Moone Light Publishing's Website!

Our offerings are for the seeker...those who are looking at The Big Questions, hoping to find some comforting answers before they die. Our work is light and, hopefully, inspiring. My first book, Wholistic Youthing...A Woman's Guide to Slowing Aging, c 2000, $30 & $5 s&h, is for women primarily, aged 20-60, and is a compilation of excerpts from writings by people involved in wholistic healing, living long and dying well, along with my own contributions.

All the other offerings are concerned with that Last Great Mystery...Death. They, too, are light, inspiring and very useful to both men and women, ages 20-60.

Please call us at 570.226.2036 or write: for a sample chapter or to place an order. Thank you for your interest. Blessings! Corrie Moone

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